Aella's Heart Equine Facilitation and Sanctuary

Create a new vision for your life through the wisdom of horse.

Through an awareness of your thoughts and choices, you can create your own reality. With life coaching and mindful interaction with a horse, help raise your self-esteem and confidence. Horse empowers you to trust your intuition and instincts. Transformation begins as you acknowledge and let go of limiting beliefs and non-productive behaviors and patterns that are holding you back. You are whole, complete and resourceful projecting to the world the person you are and have always wanted to be.


Aella’s Heart Equine Facilitation and Sanctuary
is a haven for both humans and horses to come together for emotional, spiritual, and leadership growth through private sessions and group workshops. We are located in the foothills of the Cuyamaca mountains in Southern California and offer wide open spaces for horses and humans to link full circle with nature and the elements of life.

Humans come here to learn, heal and grow in a safe and supportive atmosphere to expand their awareness about themselves, their lives and create a new vision through their interaction with horses. Many of the
horses here at the sanctuary have been rescued from slaughter and other life threatening situations. They are also learning about trust, compassion, healing and have found a forever home to live as horses in small herds with rolling hills, shade trees and sandy spots for afternoon naps.

Our interactive programs for adults and teens are hands-on with the horses, non-riding and require no horse experience.

Horses are a non-judgmental mirror of the gifts, challenges and areas where you are ready to grow as a person. Discover what feeds your soul giving you energy and sustenance. In our Horse Wisdom Programs you learn about herd dynamics, relationships, balance in community and authentic communication.