Special Thank You...

Special Thank you...

Special Thank You...
To Shirley Puga-Equine Angel--for your voice and continued commitment to speak up against horse slaughter and all your efforts to find them loving forever homes. nationalequine.org
To Kristy Parker--a special hug for your unbelievable patience and TLC with Aella during those first months of transition off the feed lot and into a real home showing her what human love is. Aella also thanks you for falling in love with her foal whom you love and cherish as much as she does.
To Claudia Mardel--for your courage to work with Aella to build her trust when no one else would. sevendesertwings.com
To Cindy Carman--for giving Aella a voice to explore and communicate her path. www.cindycarman.com
To Steve Shutler--for staying grounded and patient to trim Aella’s enormous feet, even when she would rather you didn’t.
To Kathy Pike--for walking this path with me. I am now seen and heard and will continue to be open to the gifts that God has given me for this journey of expanding EFLC work. Moon, Corazon and Silvie will dance forever in my heart. coachingwithhorses.com

My fellow Coaching With Horses Instructors:

Mindy Hagens--EFLC Instructor, Superior, CO

Mary Barrett--EFLC Instructor, N. Falmouth, MA

Tracy Scott--EFLC Instructor, Grand Junction, CO

Crystal Zinn--MA, LMHC, EFLC Instructor, Orleans, MA

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