Meet the Herd

meet the herd


Horse: Aella
Born: 1997
Joined the herd: 2009
Breed: Percheron
History: Aella was found pregnant in a feed lot in Nevada bound for slaughter. She and Maya were too close to foaling to be legally transported and had their babies within a week of each other. It has been determined through her brand markings that she was a production PMU mare.

Horse: Maya
Born: 1997
Joined the herd: 2009
Breed: Thoroughbred/warmblood cross
History: Maya was also found pregnant in a feed lot in Nevada with Aella, bound for slaughter in Mexico. She also has brand markings and we were able to determine that she was also a production PMU mare and had never been ridden. She has since been trained and enjoys trail riding

Horse: Socrates
Born: 1991
Joined the herd: 2007
Breed: Appaloosa/draft cross
History: Socrates was found in a feed lot bound for slaughter. Not knowing anything about his past history, it became clear within the first few weeks that he was a beloved family horse. He demands attention and knows he deserves it....and there is so much of him to love.

Horse: Joseph
Joined the herd: 2005
Breed: Thoroughbred
History: Joseph’s previous owner offered him to us for free as a great lesson horse. When we got there to meet him, we found him starving and neglected. He was literally a walking skeleton; my hand could fit between his ribs and his hoofs were so long they had split like toes. After many months of lots of food and TLC it’s hard to imagine how anyone could resist him. He is definitely the talker of the herd and nickers for treats, kisses and scratches.

Puka formerly “Pocatello Wildkat”
Born: 2006
Joined the herd: 2010
Breed: Thoroughbred
History: Puka enjoyed her job racing but got very excited at feeding time and kicked a wall injuring her back leg which ended her racing career. She is very petite, sweet and loves children.

Horse: Danny formerly “High Counselor”
Born: 1999
Joined the herd: 2003
Breed: Thoroughbred
History: Danny suffered a suspensory injury which ended his racing career when he was a 5 year old. He is quite handsome and knows it. He enjoys being groomed and spending time with people.

Horse: Sir Ryath
Born: 1990
Joined the herd: 1996
Breed: Andalusian/Thoroughbred
History: Ryath enjoyed a career as a dressage show horse before going away to college with his girl and bringing Mykala home. He now enjoys morning naps in the sand and stealing fly masks off his pasture mates. He is also the ranch “Houdini”, an expert at opening gates, untieing ropes and undoing clips on latches.

Horse: Mykala
Born: 2000
Joined the herd: 2004
Breed: Appaloosa
History: When Ryath went away to college in Michigan with his girl, Mykala was a beautiful yearling that we all fell in love with. Three years later the ranch they were staying at had to be sold and Mykala came home to California. Because of her light color and such a sweet disposition, she enjoys horse painting EFLC and riding sessions.

Horse: Star
Born: January 1983
Joined the herd: June, 1993
Breed: Arab/Quarter Horse
History: Star enjoyed a career as a Pony Club show horse enjoying Combined Training and jumping anything she and her girl came across while trail riding. She especially enjoyed playing in creeks. Now she is retired from competing and enjoys participating in EFLC sessions.

Horse: Tommy
Born: 1999
Joined the herd: 2005
Breed: Miniature horse
History: Tommy came to us from a family with foster children that outgrew him. Tommy doesn’t know he’s small and is definitely in charge of the pasture when it comes to food. He doesn’t miss a meal.