Aella's Heart Equine Facilitation and Sanctuary

What is Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching?

“EFLC” is a unique way of coaching clients, while interacting with horses, where they can explore new ways of expanding and creating a way of living that is in harmony with their heart’s desire. During an
EFLC session, you may experience, in a positive, non-judgmental manner, a new awareness of certain beliefs, behaviors, and/or habits that the horse’s nature brings to the surface. Horses are honest and forgiving, sentient beings. As prey animals, their survival depends on their ability to live together in harmony, in a constant state of awareness of what is happening in the present moment around them. As we explore these new levels of awareness, a sense of trust and respect is reached with the horse and an inspirational relationship is created. Through coaching conversations, we are able to gain insight, clarity and direction on ways to incorporate this new awareness into our every day life. Through the wisdom of horses, we begin building authentic communities and developing nurturing relationships with honesty and integrity.

Most programs are hands-on,
non-riding programs with horses and no horse experience is necessary. We offer private sessions and retreats as well as group/family programs.

What is life coaching with horses?

During an EFLC session, humans and horses are engaging together for greater levels of awareness and learning. Many times present behavior, past memories or events may surface and a deeper level of understanding can be achieved by focusing forward. Coaching conversations are concentrated on staying present: who, how and what actions are going to be taken to achieve the heart’s desire. In the security and presence of the horse, people experience how to sit with uncomfortable emotions and listen to the messages they hold. These messages quickly integrate that forward momentum and the ability to choose goals and actions engage their personal power. Transformational change, in therapy or coaching, occurs when the whole being (mind, body and spirit) is engaged and integrated.

Why horses?

iStock_000010184908XSmallHorses live in the present moment, utilizing all their senses; seeing, hearing, feeling with their gut, communicating with a swish of their tail or a squeal or nicker. They don't worry about what happened yesterday, this afternoon, or tomorrow. They are prey animals whose survival depends on them being able to communicate clearly with each other and need to respond quickly if danger is present. They live in community honoring the balance of leaders/followers, young/old, guides/protectors. They teach us about harmony and connection. There is balance in the herd.