Aella's Heart Equine Facilitation and Sanctuary

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At Aella’s Heart we offer individual, group, and corporate EFLC sessions for adults and teens. The majority of our programs are hands-on, non-riding sessions with horses and no horse experience is necessary. The horses here are patient teachers who have been on their own journey of healing and trusting. They have found peace and balance in the herd.

Contact us today to set up a private 1-1/2 to 2 hour session, private weekend retreat, or enroll in one of our group workshops.

Personal Growth Programs:

*Reflective round pen sessions are an opportunity for you to experience an authentic, non-judgmental connection with a horse. These sessions have no agenda or structure to allow you to begin to “feel” how to communicate with your true thoughts and feelings; how to communicate without words building a relationship with the horse. Horses often mirror the gifts, challenges and areas where you are ready to grow as a person.

*Active round pen sessions are an opportunity for you to begin physically moving with the horse while exploring boundaries (your own personal boundaries as well as boundaries of another being) and energy fields. Horses often reflect back how you communicate, if your body language is really saying what you mean, who you are as a leader, how your thoughts and feelings affect others around you.

*Open Arena or Pasture Session gives you a chance to lead a horse around the pasture or through an obstacle course while exploring your energy in relationship to the horse, what it means to be part of a herd, and motivating movement

*Centered Grooming is an activity to physically connect with the horse while brushing, petting or simply being present with it while focusing on your own body sensations, feelings and thoughts.

*Horse Painting Sessions are a great way to express your creative energy while being connected with the horse. Allow your creativity to flow exploring shapes, colors, and images while your heart is connected with the horse.

*Journey Ride is a guided meditation on horseback. (clients are required to have experienced a minimum 2-3 EFLC sessions before engaging in this activity)

*Integrative Seated Sessions are also offered for novice, experienced and competitive riders on their own horse who wish to experience a deeper relationship of trust and respect with their horse as their partner. Integrative seated sessions also help riders to release any conscious or unconscious blocks to help you and your horse move more freely and increase confidence. Whether you ride competitively or for pleasure, take your relationship to another level of communication with your horse.

Rita Bledsoe and the herd at Aella's Heart work together with patience and compassion guiding clients through their experiences of self-discovery about leadership, communication, and spiritual connection, igniting their own true "knowing" and intuition to take the lead with confidence on their life's path.


"Journey Ride" meditation on horseback


Meditation Groups are welcome at Aella’s Heart Sanctuary to experience the depth and power of meditating in sacred space accompanied by the sounds of horse breathe, hoof beats, and rhythm beads--call to set up an appointment for a truly unique experience for you and your group.